Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Wedding

I thought I might share a few pictures of my wedding! These are just some I posted on my more personal blog. I'm at work and don't have access to all of my amazing pictures, so I will share more later!

It was an outdoor wedding in October, and happened to be the only day that month that rained. Not that you can tell from the pictures. So the lovely outdoor set up just sat there staying empty while we moved the arch to under the tent. It was crowded but it worked!

I bought the red velvet rose pin and the white flower in my hair from etsy sellers. I made my bracelet from a vintage brooch and ribbon. It ended up being a complete nuisance!

I had a ton of milk glass vases for my roses! Red and white roses with a small white flower from my parent's yard. All the milk glass was just so lovely! You can also see the menus my husband and I made. Oh, did I mention it was a tea related wedding? Like a high tea. 

We found a cake lady who made a DELICIOUS cake. The top was white cake with raspberry and the bottom was chocolate with raspberry. She made it so pretty too. My husband painted Munnys as our cake toppers. In the background you can see a lovely vintage screen and handkerchiefs.

I put lots and lots of ribbons up behind the table where James and I were to sit. My friend from Oregon sent me the picture as a gift and I thought it was just TOO perfect to put up! It matched the cute theme of the wedding wonderfuly.

Where and how the ceremony was originally going to look, before the rain ruined it! The chairs stayed but the arch went under the tent an hour before the ceremony.

My dear friend Kirstin made these lovely flower cupcakes. She even made the wrappers wonderful! She made stickers that were red, white and black with polka-dots that had our names and date on them. So sweet.

It was a backyard wedding at my parent's house. It was pretty small with about 50 people. The colors were red, black and white. My brother had to run out and buy white fairy lights and rain boots. The boots for me to wear and the lights for the inside of the tent, it was dark and gloomy out! 

There was a lot of DIY with my wedding. I had a candy buffet where I used some vintage milk glass and black glass, my friend made cupcakes, I had a lot of help making everything. The decorating, the flower arrangements... it was all so much fun really.

Sad news. I found out last week that Reverend Ron, who officiated my wedding and did an absolutely stunning job (he made it special, unique, different and wonderful for us) died suddenly a couple months ago... 


  1. I got married in October too. It rained the whole week leading up to the wedding but was beautiful the day of! You had amazing details on your day!

  2. what day and in what state did you get married! lucky you had such a nice day! I had croquet and bocci ball all set up, and an area for pictures, not to mention my guest book was a tree you tied notes on, and we couldn't do any of that! haha, but it was still an amazing day and I wish I could relive it.

    Thank you! I love looking through the pictures, all that hard work paid off! I wonder what yours looked like!

  3. I got married in October too....the day was super windy. Go figure?! You included so many cool, personal touches. Thanks for sharing!