Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the Front Page of Etsy!

Hey everyone! I am pretty excited to say that I was featured on the front page of etsy the other night!

I wanted to blog about it earlier, and show you the treasury that was on the front page, but the site I use (craftcult) hasn't been able to make little treasury widgets for the past couple of days. It says it can't correctly gather the information from etsy... or something. It's really unfortunate! I am so excited and I can't show you all!

I will, however, give you a link to the treasury.

click here to see the treasury!

My item is the first one, the green and yellow hazel atlas moderntone platonite cream and sugar set. It's quite pretty isn't it? Well, when the site works again, I will post a legitimate picture of the treasury, I can't believe I finally got to be on the front page! Too bad it was at 2 am and not many people probably saw it. Who cares though, right?

p.s. Happy Father's day to my Dad! You're the best, and I truly mean that!

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