Thursday, June 16, 2011

I thought I would show you all our kitten that is trying to take over our lives. She is quite adorable but also a complete pest with no bounds of control!
This is Kiri. She is 9 weeks old! She is mostly grey on top but has a lot of blonde on her underside. Her lift hind leg is blonde and she has speckles of light to dark blonde/tan all over her body, paws, and face. Her fur is a little longer too, she's going to be a very pretty kitty.

Kiri means 'fog' in Japanese. James and I looked up different translations of weather words related to her fur coloring. Kiri sounded the best, other words were too long or complex, and once we heard Kiri, we kind of just kept thinking of her as Kiri.

I'll post more pictures of her! This is a rare one, I rarely see her sleeping!

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