Monday, March 14, 2011

MacBeth Evans Pastel Strip Petalware

These are my favorite plates.

They are a creamy milk glass with pale pink green and blue stripes around the edge. They're a great size for lunch or dessert, and would look adorable with other depression glass era, or other spring/Easter decor.

Look how nice they fit in with other pastel colored things. I debated whether or not to keep them ever since I bought them. I bought them knowing I would sell them, but I love them so much. Compromise? I am keeping the two with little chips in them, and selling the ones in great condition.
And, don't they look great on the cake plate I just sold?

I have this last picture to demonstrate the opaqueness of the plate. The petal part of the plates is thinner and more delicate milk glass, so the light shines through there more, and it gives off a lovely sheet. These plates are so delicate and girly, I love them.

They are available for sale on my etsy shop, click here.


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