Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink Pyrex Bowls

Quite a few of years ago I became a little obsessed with pyrex, as I do many things. I started collecting and I didn't really ahve any direction. I didn't know about prices, styles or anything, I just got what I liked at really cheap prices, if I thought they were in good enough condition. Lucky for me, my mom is a big antiquer and she picked me up a ton of great pieces. Her friends fount out and did the same for me.

As the ones we spend time with get into new things and you help them collect something, that person might start to like those kinds of things as well. My mother ended up getting quite a bit of her own collection of pyrex as well. Her things varied, in a sense, even more than I did. These bowls are hers. They are amazing and in great condition. They are well saught after and I have a hard time letting her give them up. She has given them to me to sell on my etsy, along with some other of her pastel pryex pieces.

My pyrex is currently packed away in hiding, as I am between places right now. I would love to keep these I just don't have the room, or the capablitity to go through my own things in order to have these bowls replace something.

Also, take a look at this adorable 50s pink tin shelf I found in my mom's many storage areas. I cleaned it up but it still needs a good scrubbing. It is perfect for displaying all of these pastel creamy vintage pieces.

I am hoping someone out there, maybe someone reading this, will fall in love with them and offer them a good home! And of course, if you are interested in purchasing these three lovely bowls, check out my etsy shop

UPDATE: Sold on March 16, 2011


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