Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moderntone Platonite Saucers

I found these two saucers at a great antique store. The woman there has thousands of pieces of glass, if I'm in there for more than 5 minutes I start to get a panic attack. I'm scared I touch one thing and everything in the store will break. It's a serious concern every time I go there.

Anyway, she has loads at this store, the only thing is, it's not too close, then again none of my favorite places are. She has really great deals and knows everything about everything.

These two saucers are in such good condition! I love that they look like pottery but are in fact milk glass, you can see when you flip it over. And though they are saucers, they can still be used as small plates or put on display. I can see them used in a pale/pastel theme display, possibly for Easter, would that not be too cute? They would match the frosted tumblers I posted yesterday. Can you tell I'm all about the pastel shades, and Easter time?

If you're interested in buying them click here


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