Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Etsy Shop?

I'm thinking about starting up another etsy shop!

I want it to be a whimsical shop with childlike items. I found a few things I really want to buy but can't justify purchasing, which is how my current shop started.

What do you think of items such as:

  • First Edition 1943 The Little Prince
  • Vintage Snow White handkerchief
  • First Editin 1957 The Cat in the Hat
And, other pretty, pastel delightful things such as toys, books, fabrics. All in good shape with a whimsical feel. Good for a new baby's or child's room, or personal collection.

Let me know your thoughts!

Also, I need help coming up with the shop name! I was thinking ReImagination or VintageWhimsy but both of those are taken!

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