Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vintage Dispaly pt.1

Hi everyone!

I've slowly been working on my corner cabinet's display. The problem is, vintage things aren't the only thing I passionately enjoy. I collect lots of vinyl toys and plushies and books and dvds! I had a lot of my plushies in the cabinet but had to move them temporarily to the top of the cabinet as my new little kitten had decided it likes to sleep on the first open shelf of it!

I thought I wasn't going to buy much more in the way of vintage glass pieces, and only buy pieces I loved in order to sell them on etsy... But, alas, I have acquired a few lovely pieces that have really made the top two shelves look lovely! The accumlation of these pieces was slow though, which is the nice way to make a collection I think!

Here are a few pictures!

I got some great deals! Also, my mother can't help herself, she's the one who bought most of it, without my knowing, for me. I have some black glass pieces, which I have more of around the apartment and were bought for my wedding. I keep an eye out for more because it's the one thing I would LOVE to have a great collection of (mostly because I think it's something my husband actually likes!). I have some delphite pieces and some jadite pieces as well in this cabinet! The colors all look so nice together! Especially with the little bit of white from the whiskey and juice canisters. I'm really liking how it is turning out =]


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  1. I would never have thought to mix black glass with the other colors. It looks really nice. Well done!