Friday, May 13, 2011

The Blog is Back!

All day yesterday I wanted to post post post! I finally had some personal posts to post... that's too many post words in a row... But, it was down all day, and this morning! I worked all day and work all day tomorrow and will be busy all day Sunday! This is my only shot.

I don't want to make it quick but I am going to. First, look at this awesome corner cabinet my husband and I painted! I will post more pictures of it later, with decorations and further story telling...

We got it free from a friend who wanted to get rid of furniture. She has a garage full. We painted over the horrible yellow puce color with white and black accents. Also bought new lovely black door knobs and are keeping the glass out. So far, I'm in love!

Also! I ordered business cards! Creamy Vintage... I ordered them free from vistaprints, they didn't have many free designs that I liked/matched my look. But I think I picked one that looks pretty nice. $6 for shipping for 250 business cards? Yes please! I can't wait to show you them.


  1. What a lovely freebie. It looks great.

  2. Love your blog! I found you on etsy (sugarcookielady). I think that your etsy shop is quite possibly my favorite ever-I LOVE the pastel Hazel Atlas piece and have never actually found any on my many jaunts:(
    Really like the rehabbed cabinet. Free is good!

  3. Sweet Apron AKA sugarcookielady,

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful thing to say.
    Which Hazel Atlas piece are you referring to? Maybe I can offer you a good deal =]

    I hope to start paying more attention to both my blog and etsy, I hope you enjoy it!