Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Friday Finds Tomorrow

As I will be working at my new job! I am working at a store called Merchandise Exchange, which is an antique/vintage/upscale consignment shop.

I'll admit, I am kind of excited.

1. I got a job
2. A hobby! Vintage things for a job, I'm going to learn so much!
3. James and I can afford to move out and into our own place!
4. I found a potentially awesome studio apartment in a mansion, in town, walking distance to where my husband works, at a great price.
5. I'll get to have Friday Finds, except for tomorrow
6. I finally got a job!
7. I'm getting paid!
8. They're ok with my 2 week vacation in September
9. 25% off!

I just need to make sure I keep studying for my LSAT in June. And I can't forget about my darling etsy.

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