Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Listings

 As you can see, we have some lovely dessert bowls from fireking! They're of the shell design due to their scalloped edges, though they still have the nice swirl on the sides of the bowl. These are great for ice cream, fruit, or nuts! They're in great condition except for the gold on one of the bowls is significantly more faded than the others. Very shabby chic.

Second, I have listed a really beautiful blue beaded edge divider plate. I could not find out who made this wonderful vintage piece, but the beaded edge looks like Westmoreland, doesn't it? If you happen to know who it's made by, let me know!

Finally, two Moderntone Platonite sherbert cups, one in blue and one in pink! They're in great condition and the colors are so vibrant. These cups are so adorable and can be used for so many things. Display decorated Easter eggs or candy, keep your keys in them, or eat ice cream from it!

All of these listings are available at my etsy shop!


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