Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finds

Oh what another wonderful Friday with wonderful finds. Too bad the weather is horrible, we had a snow storm a couple of days ago, it's cold out and everything is covered in ice.

Anyway, I found some AMAZING things that I am SO excited about! I just posted my favorite thing that I found today, and it is also one of my favorite things I've found yet! Oh it's so beautiful, I have to show you a picture now!

I went with my Mother, as I do, to one of our favorite stores, the dense glass store that gives me a slight panic attack if I'm in there for over ten minutes... My Mother, being the way she is, sort of knocked down a tower of cups and saucers. Sturdy little things didn't break! My heart hurt after though...

This place, I could go back tomorrow and find more amazing things, there is so much to look at. I got a lot of great stuff and I'm so excited to list it all! As you see above, I got a gorgeous large light blue milk glass creamer and sugar. I believe it is made by Westmoreland. It is a rare piece, I have seen a smaller set before, but I can't even find this one online. It is in amazing condition, with no chips or cracks. It is the prettiest pastel blue, such a vibrant creamy shade. It goes lovely with fostria and jeannette pink, as well as other milk glass pieces.

I also got quite a bit of MacBeth Evans petalware! Not quite as nice as the pastel striped ones I sold before, but still very elegant and nice. I'm a big fan of petalware, and MacBeth Evans, such lovely stuff! I bought two sets of a Cup, Saucer and Salad/Lunch Plate. They have gold edges, most of which are in good condition, but one of the lunch plates as a spot that is quite worn away.

I also found American Sweetheart pieces, I only got some saucers, one of which is chipped so I'm going back to exchange it sometime. And I got the lovely Hazel Atlas pink ruffle dinner plates. I will have to post pictures and continue my 'Friday Finds' tomorrow though.

Check out my etsy shop to see more pictures, to buy, or to see other creamy things that I'm selling!

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