Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds

I can't believe it's already another Friday! Which means of course, it's time for Friday Finds! I do love going out and finding great deals, but this week I didn't sell a single thing. I know having gotten off to a good start of 9 sales in my first two weeks would lead to disappoint in the end. Even though I KNEW it wouldn't continue to go that way, and things could and would slow down, I still feel a bit like it's all over. Ridiculous, right? Such is the way of me.

Anyway, I'm staying optimistic, as I have been having a really nice time with it all. So without further ado, here are my Friday Finds!

Gorgeous jadite green coffee carafe and coffee and sugar canisters. They are made of enamel, painted a lovely pastel shade of green and cream. They are in amazing condition and look great with ALL MY STUFF, that I own and am selling. I had to show it with the light aqua blue creamer and sugar milk glass. So pretty. This will be for sale on my etsy site, probably tomorrow. As you can see the pictures are all ready!

This is a Hazel Atlas Odine rust orange sugar cup. It is firepainted milk glass. The color is so vibrant, it looks brand new. There is the HA marking on the bottom for Hazel Atlas. The bottom is white showing the milk glass. I think this would look great with an autumn set up. I might have to update the pictures on etsy for this though, it's more rust in color, it looks too muted in the pictures. I don't know...

As I think you all must know by now, I am a BIG fan of Hazel Atlas' Moderntone Platonite. I was really excited to find this soup/cream bowl. It's the same heather blue as the, cups & saucers, and the blue sherbert cup that I have for sale on etsy.

I looked it up and it seems to be that that IS the way to spell sherbert... Am I missing something? Whenever I type it, no matter where, it's underlined in that special little squiggle red to say "NO, YOU ARE WRONG."

Anyway, lovely blue double handled bowl, with the ripple step design. It's fire painted onto milk glass, and in pretty good vintage condition. One handle does have what looks like a chip but is actually manufacturing. It's kind of annoying, but barely noticeable.

This will also be on etsy soon! But, in the meantime check out the other awesome things I have in my etsy shop. I try to update it every day.

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