Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink Jeannette Milk Glass

One of my favorite things to hunt for! Jeannette pink milk glass, ok any pink milk glass that's pretty really.

Found this eclectic antique store, just sort of happened upon it. It had a LOT of stuff, of all sorts. They had all my kind of creamy vintage, it was great! Except, the atmosphere was weird. Three guys ran the shop, and the main guy was helping a cop pick out a hunting bow! Interesting, but the other guy followed me around, and I did not appreciate it. I felt bad because he hobbled after me all over this big store, and nothing is priced. So whenever I picked something up he would take it and ask the other guy how much it cost.

I really didn't like having to ask the price of EVERY single item I was interested in! And, having a hobbling guy following me around. Anyway, I got this lovely piece there =]

Tomorrow, I will start posting other things. Such as my life and the things I have. Not just what I sell, but my actual vintage things, as well as my Mother's. I want to make this a more personable blog, not just a LOOK WHAT I'M SELLING. kind of thing. I hope it will be enjoyable!

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