Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday Finds Continued..

I didn't finish showing and telling about my lovely finds from this past Friday! I thought I might as well do it now, I had to take pictures of everything, you see.

First, here is the lovely Hazel Atlas pink ruffle dinner plates I got!


The pink ruffle plates are in wonderful condition, made of a thick milk glass and fire painted pink edges, they're sturdy and go with so much! As you can see in the picture above, I coupled it with my new American Sweetheart platter, saucer and petalware cup. I wanted to show that you can easily mix and match your things and have a wonderful look!

Which brings me to my last Friday Find, the American Sweetheart Saucers!

These saucers are just gorgeous! Creamy and clear with a wonderful floral design. They give off that tell tale orange sheen when held up to the sunlight. I love that they can go with so much too! I just put them up on etsy, along with all my other Friday Finds!

I'm off to the dentist tomorrow, and then my Mother and I are off to check out some resale shops that I've never been to before! I wonder if I'll find anything lovely. Though I don't really want to buy anything, I feel I need to sell things in order to buy things, and I haven't sold anything in a couple days.

As always, check out my etsy shop!


  1. Thank you! It's hard to not go shopping every day, I have to have some self control. I just love everything haha