Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's been pretty busy this morning. I met a great person on etsy last night, we had quite a few messages back and forth. She's from my area and we have a lot in common, it was so nice meeting someone like that. She bought one of my items, she offered to do a trade which was lovely but, I just can't bring more into the house! But, I am going to deliver the candlesticks to her in person, hope that makes up for it!

Then last night my pastel striped plates sold, my favorites! I got a message this morning from someone saying they regretted not buying them when they had the chance. I'm offering to sell her the two I have left that are chipped at a reduced rate, she seems really excited. I love being able to help and make someone happy! I'll be posting them reserved to her tomorrow.

I found a beautiful blue and white swirl milk glass fenton lid in my mom's many bins of glass. I then found someone on etsy who has the bottom part to it! I offered to sell them the lid so they can sell the whole set! So, I have that and the plates to ship today. I'll probably be shipping the other two plates tomorrow after I list them, and I'll be delivering the candlesticks on Friday. I feel like I'm all over the place!

Plus, I became part of this amazing Vintage Etsy team. They're so supportive and active, I'm in love! They make beautiful treasuries all the time, and they seem really genuine in helping each other out. I'm really excited to be a part of it.

I've posted some new things on etsy as well. And I'm going to continue to list new things today and tomorrow, I'm trying to list at least one thing a day, but today and tomorrow I'll be doing multiple things. Also, this weekend I'll be going shopping for some new things to sell! How exciting! I'm loving all of this.

Above you will see my MacBeth Evans Petalware with gold decal saucers. And a Kemple milk glass compote. They are both beautiful pieces. In fact, the compote was used at my wedding! Check out my etsy store to see more pictures, including the one of the compote at my wedding.

Sneak peak of something to be listed soon?! Well, here you are!

A lovely Hazel Atlas ruffle bowl in aqua! So pretty.

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